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English A for CSEC

A structured approach to language skills development

Author Imelda Pilgrim, Author Ken Haworth, Arlene Kasmally-Dwarika, Anthony Perry, and Anne-Marie Scott-Grigg

Suitable for:  14-16, CSEC students

Price:  £19.99

ISBN: 978-0-19-839908-7
Publication date: 08/06/2017
Paperback: 368 pages
Dimensions: 265x195mm

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Matched to the requirements of the latest CSEC syllabus, this title takes a skills-based, exam-focussed approach. Carefully structured skills development through a variety of activities maintains students interest and CSEC examination-type questions throughout provide valuable practice and build assessment confidence. Now includes SBA support.


  • Clear signposting of the skills being covered and which paper they are required for
  • CSEC examination-type questions throughout to develop skills and to provide practice
  • Interesting, audience-appropriate, extracts that meet the outcomes of the syllabus and the requirements of the examination
  • Excellent coverage of persuasive writing along with opportunities for reflective writing, project collaboration and presentations
  • SBA section focusing on core skills required for this aspect of the examination
  • Engaging text design and Caribbean photos and artwork to help provide context

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Table of Contents

Unit 1
1.1: Reading for information
1.2: Fact and opinion
1.3: Texts that inform and explain
1.4: Summary skills
1.5: Grammar, vocabulary and spelling
Unit 2
2.1: Reading: text structure and organization
2.2: Writing for a particular audience or purpose
2.3: Formal and informal language
2.4: Spelling: Plurals, homophones and commonly misspelt words
2.5: Reading and writing: Structures and types of text
Unit 3
3.1: Reading: Infer and deduce
3.2: Understanding and analysing a story
3.3: Creating characters
3.4: Narrative writing
3.5: Language choices and exploring poetry
Unit 4
4.1: Understanding bias
4.2: Persuasive techniques

4.3: Analysing argument
4.4: Argumentative writing
Unit 5
5.1: Word choice
5.2: Writing to describe
5.3: Making the correct language choices
5.4: Writer, speaker and narrator
5.5: Characters and dialogue
Unit 6
6.1: Introduction to the School-Based Assessment (SBA)
6.2: School-Based Assessment: Within-group activities
6.3: School-Based Assessment: The written report
6.4: School-Based Assessment: The oral presentation
6.5: School Based Assessment: Reflection and participation
Unit 7
7.1: Understanding exam Paper 1 Section 1
7.2: Understanding exam Paper 1: Comprehension
7.3: Paper 2: Summary
7.4: Paper 2: Communicating factual information
7.5: Paper 2: Narrative writing
7.6: Paper 2: The argumentative essay