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Ignite English: Ignite English Kerboodle Student Book 2

Revitalising KS3 English teaching and learning

Author Christopher Edge, Author Liz Hanton, Author Mel Peeling, Author Martin Phillips, Author Alison Smith, and Series Consultant Geoff Barton

Suitable for:  KS3 English Teachers and students

Price:  £185.00 +VAT /year
Subscription period: 1 year

ISBN: 978-0-19-839252-1
Publication date: 01/05/2014

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Ignite English aims to reinvigorate KS3 English teaching and learning by providing exciting and motivational resources that address key issues for teachers and students. Each Kerboodle Online Student Book has been designed to develop a range of reading, writing and spoken English skills through a range of real-world contexts and immersive design.


  • The Digital version of the Student Book; teacher access to the Online Student Book is automatically available as part of the Kerboodle Lessons, Resources and Assessment package; you can also choose to buy access for your students
  • The Online Student Book includes a bank of tools to enable students to truly personalize the book and view notes left by the teacher
  • The Online Student Book can be accessed on a range of devices, such as tablets
  • Ensuring contexts and tasks, where appropriate, are real with a range of real productive outcomes
  • Unique design that immerses students in the theme of the unit
  • Stretch and Support features are bespoke to specific activities
  • Extra Time feature can be used as in-class extension activity or homework task
  • In-context glossaries aid understanding of specific words and phrases
  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar feature identifies a specific focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • The use of this product is subject to the Kerboodle terms and conditions
  • The licence period for this product is for 12 months commencing from the date you receive your activation email. The licence would thereafter be automatically renewed for additional licence periods of 12 months unless you terminate the licence. For details on how to terminate, please refer to the Kerboodle terms and conditions

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