IB Physics Kerboodle Online Resources

Brand new DP teaching support - matched to the new syllabus

Author Mark Headlee and Author Fabian Cherney

Suitable for:  IB Diploma Physics teachers - SL and HL

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ISBN: 978-0-19-839074-9
Publication date: 22/05/2014
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Helping you easily deliver the new DP Physics syllabus, this brand new suite of online teacher resources matches the new syllabus and links with the Oxford Course Book, to extend learning. Classroom activities help you instantly engage learners, and full digital assessment support ensures you can monitor progress in one click.


  • Access your resources when and where you want, available online, anytime
  • Strengthen achievement and minimize marking time with digital assessment tools, including automarked exams and quizzes
  • Easily monitor comprehension and track progress with an automated markbook
  • Thoroughly embed the most complex topics with classroom activities, investigations and practicals that engage learners with Physics
  • Step-by-step support for the new IA included to help you tackle the new requirements
  • Sharpen student inquiry with practical work that connects scientific concepts with real-world applications
  • Customisable, supporting the needs of your learners
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Table of Contents

1: Measurements and uncertainties
2: Mechanics
3: Thermal physics
4: Oscillations and waves
5: Electricity and magnetism
6: Circular motion and gravitation
7: Atomic, nuclear, and particle physics
8: Energy production

9: Wave phenomena (AHL)
10: Fields (AHL)
11: Electromagnetic induction (AHL)
12: Quantum and nuclear physics (AHL)
13: Option A Relativity
14: Option B Engineering physics
15: Option C Imaging
16: Option D Astrophysics
17: Internal assessment