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Living Faiths Judaism Kerboodle: Lessons, Resources and Assessment

Real-life videos of people practising their faiths

Sue Schraer, Janet Dyson, and Consultant Robert Bowie

Suitable for:  Teachers and Students studying RE at KS3

Price:  £128.00 +VAT /year
Subscription period: 1 year

ISBN: 978-0-19-838900-2
Publication date: 15/07/2013

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The Living Faiths series offers an in-depth look into how faiths are practised and lived in people's daily lives. Kerboodle provides digital content for teaching Judaism, including real-life case study film clips, to encourage students to ask questions, actively engage with different faiths, and reflect on the relevance of Religious Education.


  • Online digital resources for teaching Judaism focused around real-life videos of young people and families practising their faiths
  • Unique, specially commissioned film clips help your students relate to RE and bring Judaism alive in the classroom
  • Teacher access to the Kerboodle Book is automatically available as part of the Lessons, Resources and Assessment package; you can also choose to buy access for your students
  • Strong assessment tools, including auto-marked quizzes and assessment tasks for easy marking and classroom management
  • Offers teaching guidance and the flexibility to customize content to your needs
  • Also available a lively and engaging Student Book demonstrating the relevance of Judaism through an enquiry-led approach
  • Also available a Teacher Guide offering practical guidance and support for teaching Judaism
  • An Evaluation Pack for the whole series is available on inspection for 30 days
  • The Living Faiths series also includes Student Books, Teacher Guides and Kerboodle resources for Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Sikhism
  • The use of this product is subject to the Kerboodle terms and conditions.
  • The licence period for this product is for 12 months commencing from the date you receive your activation email. The licence would thereafter be automatically renewed for additional licence periods of 12 months unless you terminate the licence. For details on how to terminate, please refer to the Kerboodle terms and conditions
  • The licence includes access to storage space of 5MB per single upload and a total of 500MB for all uploads.
  • Please note that access to the Kerboodle Book, made available via this product, will be limited to teachers only.

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