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Oxford International AQA Examinations: International A Level Further Mathematics with Mechanics

The only textbooks for OxfordAQA International A Level Further Mathematics

Author John Rayneau, Author Mark Gaulter, Author Brian Gaulter, and Author Brian Jefferson

Suitable for:  Students and teachers of OxfordAQA International A Level Further Mathematics (9665)

Price:  £31.50

ISBN: 978-0-19-837600-2
Publication date: 06/04/2017
Paperback: 480 pages
Dimensions: 265x195mm

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The only textbook that fully supports the pure and mechanics parts of the OxfordAQA International AS & A Level Further Mathematics specification (9665), for first teaching in September 2017. Written by experienced authors, the rigorous approach ensures exam success and provides an excellent grounding for university study.


  • Thoroughly prepare students for A-level assessment with exam-style questions that test knowledge and understanding.
  • Strengthen students' mathematical and problem solving skills with extensive opportunities for practice.
  • Build a strong foundation for university study with an emphasis on pure mathematics.
  • Ensure thorough comprehension with model answers that demonstrate exactly how problems are solved.
  • Make mathematics relevant to real life with engaging real-life examples, suitable for the international classroom.
  • Encourage independent study with regular review and summary sections that reinforce students' understanding.
  • Support those students who don't speak English as a first language with clear explanations and a step-by-step structure.

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Table of Contents

1: Loci, Graphs and Algebra
2: Complex Numbers
3: Roots and Coefficients of a Quadratic Equation
4: Series
5: Trigonometry
6: Calculus
7: Matrices and Transformations
8: Linear graphs
9: Numerical Methods
10: Bayes' Theorem
11: Discrete Uniform and Geometric Distributions
12: Probability Generating Functions
13: Linear Combinations of Discrete Random Variables
14: Constant Velocity in Two Dimensions
15: Dimensional Analysis
16: Collision in One Dimension
17: Roots and Polynomials

18: Proof by Induction and Finite Series
19: Series and Limits
20: De Moivre's Theorem
21: Polar Coordinates
22: The Calculus of Inverse Trigonometric Functions
23: Arc Length and Area of Surface of Revolution
24: Hyperbolic Functions
25: Differential Equations of First and Second Order
26: Vectors and Three-Dimensional Coordinate Geometry
27: Solutions of Linear Equations
28: Matrix Algebra
29: Vertical Circular Motion
30: Collisions in Two Dimensions
31: Projectiles Launched onto Inclined Planes
32: Elastic Strings and Springs
33: Application of Differential Equations
34: Simple Harmonic Motion