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Project X Code: Dragon Quest & Wild Rides Pack of 8

A breakthrough for special needs and struggling readers.

Tony Bradman, Jan Burchett, Sara Vogler, Jon Stuart, Maureen Lewis, Di Hatchett, and Phonics Consultant Marilyn Joyce

Suitable for:  Interest level suitable for Years 2-6 (ages 6-11). Blue book band. Letters and Sounds Phases 4-5.

Price:  £39.00

ISBN: 978-0-19-834008-9
Publication date: 26/04/2012
Pack: 24 pages
Dimensions: 216x165mm

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Pack contents:

Project X Code: Dragon Quest & Wild Rides Pack of 8 contains:
Project X Code: Dragon Dragon Clash
Project X Code: Dragon the Hunt
Project X Code: Dragon Dragon Training
Project X Code: Dragon Into the Cave
Project X Code: Wild Bite Strike
Project X Code: Wild Look Out!
Project X Code: Wild the Thunderbolt
Project X Code: Wild a Close Escape

Project X CODE introduces a brand new adventure combining systematic synthetic phonics and richer reading, to accelerate the progress of your special needs and struggling readers. It stars the Project X characters, with a new addition to the team - Mini Marvel.


  • The only reading intervention to embed systematic synthetic phonics within a highly motivational adventure series.
  • A different type of reading book built for today's children, starring the Project X characters in a gripping new 3D adventure series.
  • Two texts within every book drive the story forward: the first text is 100% decodable to build reading confidence; the second at least 80% decodable to draw children through the series and keep them motivated.
  • A phonic progression specifically built for struggling readers which revisits prior learning and strengthens phonic knowledge and skills.
  • Fully resourced with comprehensive lesson plans, easy-to-use assessment and progress tracking, plus online PD support for teachers and TAs, all designed to accelerate progress.
Genre Boy-friendly, Character, Phonics
Year group Year 2/P3, Year 3/P4, Year 4/P5, Year 5/P6, Year 6/P7
Oxford Level
Letters and Sounds phase Phase 4
Book band Blue

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