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Oxford IB Diploma Programme: Conflict and Intervention Course Companion

The only DP resources developed with the IB

Author Martin Cannon

Suitable for:  IB History students - age 16-18

Price:  £32.99

ISBN: 978-0-19-831017-4
Publication date: 30/07/2015
Paperback: 280 pages
Dimensions: 276x219mm

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Drive critical, engaged learning. Helping learners more deeply understand historical concepts, the student-centred approach of this new Course Book enables broader, big picture understanding. Developed directly with the IB and fully supporting the new 2015 syllabus, the structured format helps you easily progress through the new course content.


  • Cover the new syllabus in the right level of depth, with rich, thorough subject content
  • Developed directly with the IB, with the most comprehensive support for the new syllabus
  • Truly engage learners with topical, relevant material that convincingly connects learning with the modern, global world
  • Streamline your planning, with a clear and thorough structure helping you logically progress through the syllabus
  • Decipher source evaluation, refine and progress analytical thinking and fully embed vital Paper 1 skills, strengthening exam performance
  • Integrate approaches to learning with ATLs like thinking, communication, research and social skills built directly into learning
  • Help learners think critically about improving performance with extensive examiner insight and samples based on the latest exam format
  • Build an advanced level, thematic understanding with fully integrated Global Contexts, Key Concepts and TOK
  • Also available as an Online Course Book

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  • It's about time that modern world history courses are brought up to date and this is a great example of the IB handling this in the new history curriculum. Martin Cannon handles the material with aplomb, giving an excellent background to the complexities of the Rwandan genocide as well as the creation of the Yugoslav state… The activities and documentary source are varied and engaging, allowing the student to proceed through the material buildings skills and technique in an absorbing manner. I particularly like the selection of many quotations, the quality of the political cartoons and the overall manner in which the author engages with the reader, taking them on a roller coaster ride through some of the complexities of the late twentieth century case studies, allowing an exploration of the themes. The book is beautifully laid out, clear and compelling and should be an excellent guide for the discerning learner. - Amazon review
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Table of Contents

1: Case Study 1: Rwanda, 1990-1998
1.1: Africa in the late 19th century: European
1.2: Colonial Rwanda, 1884-1962
1.3: Rwanda from independence to civil war, 1962-1990
1.4: The last years of the Habyarimana regime: Civil War, 1990-1994
1.5: The assassination of presidents Habyarimana and Ntaryamira, April 1994
1.6: Course and interventions: The genocide begins
1.7: The impact of the genocide

2: Case Study 2: Kosovo, 1989-2002
2.1: The causes of the conflict
2.2: Yugoslavia under Tito, 1945-1980
2.3: The decade of change: Yugoslavia, 1980-1989
2.4: The disintegration of Yugoslavia, 1990-1995
2.5: Course and interventions: The actions of the KLA, the Serbian government, the police and the military
2.6: The NATO bombing campaign: Operation
2.7: The impact of the war: Social and economic consequences