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MyMaths for Key Stage 3: Workbook 1 (Pack of 15)

KS3 course created with MyMaths

Author Ray Allan and Author Martin Williams

Suitable for:  Key Stage 3, 11-14

Price:  £105.00

ISBN: 978-0-19-830441-8
Publication date: 09/01/2014
Pack: 80 pages
Dimensions: 276x219mm

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Workbook 1 supports students starting KS3 working towards a more secure understanding of upper KS2 topics, so they can be ready to progress to KS3 maths standards. This write-in workbook supports Student Book 1A.

Features of the whole series include:


  • The only Key Stage 3 scheme with direct links to MyMaths, so for truly blended delivery of the new curriculum both in and out of the classroom
  • Unique phase-based scheme, rather than by year or level, to deliver the Key Stage 3 curriculum flexibly in three years or less
  • The only course promoting achievement across the entire spectrum so none of your students get left behind
  • Unique topic-based route through curriculum, with learn-it-once-and-learn-it-well philosophy easing the move away from outdated spiral curriculum
  • Unique approach to levelling, with colour-coded progression maps giving clear visual view progress, and showing how they link to old levels
  • Spread-based full-colour student books, with a MyMaths look and feel, referenced to MyMaths throughout, facilitating learning and engagement
  • Assessment at heart of the course, including unique Good-To-Go tests ensure students have necessary skills to progress
  • Unique InvisiPen video tutorials show worked solutions from student's pe

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