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Wendy Quill is Full Up of Wrong

'I didn't actually mean to slightly squish someone!'

Author Wendy Meddour and Illustrator Mina May

Suitable for:  7+

Price:  £5.99

ISBN: 978-0-19-279467-3
Publication date: 03/07/2014
Paperback: 192 pages

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Whoops! Wendy Quill keeps having slightly awful accidents! Like when her too-fast-bike whizzes round a corner and slightly-squishes a lady, and when the ghost in her sister's room pushes her open diary into Wendy's hands . . .
This book will actually give you the giggles.

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  • 'A lovely, funny new series that stands apart from the competition thanks to the hilarious illustrations drawn by the author's 11-year-old daughter.' - Fiona Noble, The Bookseller
  • 'Tom Gates watch out, there's a new comic creation about to hit the shelves - Wendy Quill. Packed with doodle illustrations by the author's eleven year old daughter Mina, it's a perfect comic package.' - TBK Magazine
  • 'The three short stories with their extremely clever and amusing illustrations are perfect for young readers starting to tackle books on their own. Family, friendship, and humour combine to make an excellent book, warm, funny and visually appealing.' -
  • All of the stories were great - ISAPOP (blog)
  • Great to see another episode in the hilarious stories of accident-prone Wendy Quill. - Parents in Touch
  • It's a great format...The pages are alive with designs, squirly captions, illustrations and wacky font use. - John Lloyd, The Bookbag
  • This very busy little book is packed full of wonderful entertaining characters and a protagonist that any young reader can identify with. - Janie Philips, We Love This Book
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