Sky Thieves

A swashbuckling adventure set high in the clouds

Author Dan Walker

Suitable for:  9+ fans of adventure stories set in unique worlds

Price:  £6.99

ISBN: 978-0-19-274701-3
Publication date: 06/04/2017
Paperback: 304 pages
Dimensions: 198x129mm

Also available as an ebook
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Zoya Delarose wakes aboard a creaking sky ship in the dead of night. She has no idea why she was smuggled aboard or that her life is about to change forever . . .

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  • "This is the stuff of classic swashbuckling fast-moving adventure, complete with a wonderful cast of gloriously named characters, a deliciously evil baddie and a feisty heroine coming into her own." - Booktrust
  • "Classic good versus evil tale with a colourful cast of flying thieves and unlikely heroes. Original, exciting and full of interesting characters and vivid action scenes, Dan Walker has created an excellent air-borne adventure story in Sky Thieves." - Andrea Reece
  • "Sky-high adventures on an air-ship crewed by Robin Hood style pirates and a life or death battle against an evil nemesis make Dan Walker's new book a thrilling read from beginning to end." - Clare Wilkins, School Zone
  • "...the story becomes a whirlwind of a tale of fights, raids, islands in the sky, treasure, evil pirates (yes, it seems there are some good pirates out there as well as those good old-fashioned bad characters), friendship, bravery and family…Its superb…Enjoy it!" - Sue Chambers, Sue and Pakka's Reviews
  • "...a fantastic and original mix of swashbuckling and steampunk." - ReaditDaddy
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