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Railhead: shortlisted for the CILIP Carnegie Medal 2017

The long-awaited new blockbuster from Philip Reeve

Author Philip Reeve

Suitable for:  12+. Fans of Philip Reeve, particularly his Mortal Engines series.

Price:  £9.99

ISBN: 978-0-19-274275-9
Publication date: 01/10/2015
Hardback: 320 pages
Dimensions: 210x148mm

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Shortlisted for the CILIP Carnegie Medal 2017!

Zen Starling is a petty thief. A nobody. Destined to ride the rails to nowhere special. That is until Raven, a strange and mysterious figure, enlists him for one small job. One small job that might just bring everything in this galaxy, and the next, to the end of the line.

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  • 'There is plenty here to please fans: vivid world-building, extraordinary beings and a story of epic proportions.' - Fiona Noble, The Bookseller
  • 'There were so many other extraordinary beings and imaginative details that pulled together to create a thrilling ride into a whimsical futuristic world.' - Library4Deliquents
  • 'This book was so good; I loved every second of it.' - Megan Chambers, age 14, for
  • 'A stand-out book in the overcrowded modern sci-fi genre, Railhead is an utterly brilliant and original story.' - Louisa Cunliffe, age 18, for
  • '...satisfying, twisting and turning without losing momentum' - Brosencrantz blog
  • '...the emotions of the characters (even the robot who wants freckles) draws you in wholeheartedly. Railhead is superb.' - Martin Chilton, The Telegraph in 'The Best Young Adult Books of 2015'
  • '...this novel may be the stand out sci-fi novel of the year.' - Starburst Magazine
  • 'It's a must read for sci-fi fans!' - Minion Potter, The Guardian
  • 'an electrifying triumph' - 'Staff Picks', Mail Bookshop
  • 'it's an adrenaline ride that takes the reader through multiple emotions' - MinervaReads Book Blog
  • 'Its greatest pleasures are its details, which are as richly imagined as in the best adult science fiction' - SF Said, The Guardian
  • 'Philip Reeve has again created a detailed, plausible new world in Railhead ... may well be up there with the world he created in his Mortal Engines quartet' - Toby Clements, The Daily Telegraph, Selected as Editor's Choice and one of the best books for Christmas 2015
  • 'a futuristic vision that enthrals and chills' - Suzi Feay, The Financial Times
  • 'Scope and potential fizz and pop' - Catholic Universe
  • 'Philip Reeve ... creates another of his extraordinary imaginary worlds, this time for teenagers' - The Oldie
  • 'A futuristic vision that enthrals and thrills' - Suzi Feay, The Financial Times online
  • 'The world itself is magnetic' - Ella Walker, Evening Echo (Cork)
  • 'With many twists and turns along the track and high-octane action all the way to the thrilling climax, Railhead never lets up on delivering the thrills and creativity readers expect from a story like this.' - Young Post/South China Morning Post
  • Sci-fi fans will delight in this lightning-paced and satisfying read - The School Librarian
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