Get tailored advice from our Primary school Maths consultants for your school.

Meet our Maths Specialists

Get tailored advice from our Primary school Maths consultants for your school.

We’re here to support you, whether you are looking for the right maths resources to address the needs of your school or advice in continuing your professional development, our Maths Specialists offer tailored advice suited to you. For a no obligation meeting please contact us by clicking on the book an appointment link below.

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Lesley Furniss

Midlands: Lesley Furniss

Lesley Furniss has been with OUP for 14 years and covers schools across the Midlands.

Ashleigh Clements

North East and Scotland: Ashleigh Clements

Ashleigh Clements has been with OUP since April 2012 and covers the North East and Scotland.

Sharon Court

London and the East: Sharon Court

Sharon Court covers London and the East and has worked for OUP for 10 years.

Rebecca Blackmore

South and South West England: Rebecca Blackmore

Rebecca Blackmore has worked with OUP since 2018 covering schools in the South of England including the South West.

Annabel Colley

North West and Wales: Joanne Keary

Joanne Keary has worked for OUP for more than seven years. Joanne covers schools in the North West and Wales.

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Book a free maths review

Book a free Maths Review

Remote education, updated DfE guidance, curriculum planning… wherever you might like some extra support, our Maths Specialist Consultants are on hand for a virtual call to help you find the right approach for building a positive maths culture in your school.