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Resources, assessment and professional development

Bestselling Primary Maths Resources



A proven approach for teaching maths loved by teachers and children

Maths mastery with Inspire Maths

Inspire Maths

A transformational, whole-school programme built on the internationally acclaimed Singapore Maths approach


Bring maths alive with a fully interactive, online tool for school and home

Making Numbers

A definitive guide to using manipulatives to teach arithmetic

Test of Basic Arithmetic and Numeracy Skills

Assess children's fluency in number using standardised scores - perfect for the 2014 National Curriculum

Mastering Mathematics

An invaluable PD handbook which explores how a mastery approach can transform maths teaching and learning

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl

Experience a range of school improvement support and resources for raising achievement in maths


BEAM (Be a Mathematician)

Inspire the next generation of mathematicians!

Maths dictionaries

Comprehensive coverage of carefully-levelled maths vocabulary to build understanding in the classroom

Maths events and Professional Development

Numicon CPD

Realise Numicon's true potential with NCETM accredited professional development

Inspire Maths Professional Development

Inspire Maths Professional Development

Find out how we support you in implementing Inspire Maths in your school

Teaching for Big Ideas in Mathematics

Find out more about free one day events with Professor Mike Askew

Andrew Jeffrey

Preventing the Gap – Making big impacts through small changes in mathematics

Sami Miller

Building the Outstanding Maths School: Helping schools meet the challenges and opportunities of the 2014 National Curriculum for Primary Mathematics