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Wellbeing and Global Skills Projects

I see a way of learning like no other

Wellbeing and Global Skills Projects

I see a way of learning like no other

The Oxford International Curriculum enables students to succeed by recognising that lasting success is contingent on both academic performance and emotional wellbeing. It has been designed to bring wellbeing to all teaching and learning and to develop global skills through all core subjects.

The Oxford International Curriculum for Wellbeing supports the practice of healthy habits of body and mind to enhance the lives of teachers and learners, giving them skills they can apply in their lives today and in the future. This focus on wellbeing aims to promote good mental health to enhance students’ lives inside and outside of the classroom.

The Oxford International Curriculum for Global Skills Projects combines project-based and interdisciplinary learning to develop thoughtful, innovative change-makers who are equipped with the skills to succeed in an ever-evolving world.


“There is strong evidence internationally that whole-school approaches to promoting wellbeing can have a positive effect on academic attainment.”

Dr. Ariel Lindorff, Department of Education, Oxford University, drawing on research undertaken as part of an impact study conducted across a wide range of countries. Find out more at:

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One Approach

See how Wellbeing and Global Skills are embedded within the core subjects of the curriculum.

The importance of Wellbeing

Watch Adrian Bethune talk to the benefits of promoting wellbeing in the classroom.

The importance of Global Skills

Watch Dr. Karem Roitman explain how real world skills can benefit students’ futures.

Wellbeing and Global Skills Subject Guides

Oxford Impact

Oxford Impact Wellbeing study

Find out more about our evidence analysis impact study on the impact of promoting student wellbeing on student academic and non-academic outcomes.