Hear from the rapidly growing number of schools from across the globe about their experience of teaching and learning with the Oxford International Curriculum.


Hear from the rapidly growing number of schools from across the globe about their experience of teaching and learning with the Oxford International Curriculum.

Watch: EtonHouse International School, Bahrain, Case Study

Watch our Case Study video to discover what EtonHouse International School, Bahrain, loves about the Oxford International Curriculum!

What other school leaders say about the Oxford International Curriculum

“We used teamwork and collaboration to achieve amazing things, and to show students how real life works. The projects in Global Skills enriched students’ understanding.”
School Leader, Mexico

“[Since piloting the Oxford International Curriculum] I’ve seen [Year 1] students be analytical in English with poetry work – the kind of thing I’ve seen Year 11 students struggle to grasp!”
Teacher, Bahrain

“I had the shock of my life with how well the children got on [with self-directed learning]! At first I was really scared [to introduce the curriculum at Year 1 level], but I found that actually they really enjoyed it, they really loved it. It didn’t feel like a lesson and that made it fun.”
 Teacher, Northern Cyprus

“What the Oxford International Curriculum offers are things teachers have been screaming about for a long time for learning wellbeing and project skills, and learning real-life skills rather than ‘knowledge, knowledge, knowledge’, so the management team at the school and the teachers all agreed that the curriculum was a fantastic move.”
School Leader, Laos

“The children [now] try to sort out flare-ups before they come to us. They use phrases like “to be a good friend, you need to…”. They know to walk away if someone is being difficult. It will be interesting to see how these Year 1 children develop and how they behave in Year 9. I’m excited about it. I think if we can really harness these skills, it will make a huge difference.”
School Leader, Bahrain

“Students have had to problem solve in teams and collaborate with one another in ways they are just not used to doing. The one thing it’s really enabled us to do is to give us some context, to give students the chance to collaborate and work in teams and to give them the freedom to do it.”
School Leader, Vietnam

Hear from our pilot schools

Heathfield International School Vientiane, Laos

We spoke to one of our pilot schools to learn why they chose to take on our new curriculum and what their impressions have been so far.

EtonHouse International School, Bahrain

Hear from the Principal of EtonHouse school, Bahrain, pilot school for Oxford International Curriculum, and parent of year 1 pupil.


Marie Curie School Hanoi, Viet Nam

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Đoàn Thị Điểm Primary School, Việt Nam

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EtonHouse International School, Bahrain

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Heathfield International School, Vientiane

“Seeing pupils work collaboratively to solve real-life issues is heart-warming and highly relevant...

US Vietnam Talent International School

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Brendon Van Hien School, Hanoi, Việt Nam

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