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I see end-to-end teaching and learning support

Curriculum materials

I see end-to-end teaching and learning support

The Oxford International Curriculum offers end-to-end teaching and learning support, alongside continuous and robust professional development.

Each comprehensive subject curriculum is composed of:

  • Curriculum at a glance: a year-on-year progression of learning outcomes for every year group
  • Schemes of work: overview and detailed schemes of work provide timetabling options by year group and week-by-week teaching suggestions
  • Lesson plans: provide a blueprint for each lesson, ensuring coverage of specific learning outcomes; the plans link to recommended and required resources and worksheets where relevant
  • Worksheets: accompany lesson plans where appropriate to aid teaching
  • Assessment framework: assessment criteria linked to every learning outcome in the curriculum.

Oxford International Curriculum materials and professional development programme are hosted on the Oxford Owl platform.