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I see steady progression and sound preparation


I see steady progression and sound preparation

The Oxford International Curriculum Assessment Framework provides a structured way for teachers and students to measure progress against learning outcomes. It offers fair testing for EAL learners, building the foundations to prepare every student for academic success in international GCSEs, AS and A-levels, including in OxfordAQA examinations.

Formative assessment: Create bespoke quizzes and tests using Testbase, an online test-maker tool, for ongoing, continuous assessment for learning. In addition, built-in projects can be used for certain subjects to meet all your formative assessment needs.

Summative assessment: Year-end tests and practical project papers serve to help teachers assess a student’s achievement over the  course of any full year.

The underlying structure of the curriculum has a spiral development model. Skills areas are revisited each year at higher levels of complexity and  depth to build on previous achievement, making it easier for students to develop and giving coherence and structure to the learning journey.

Comprehensive assessment criteria provides the teacher with a sound framework to acknowledge the achievement of struggling students, as well as offering a route to exceptional achievement for students who wish to move more quickly and extend their skills and understanding.

The Oxford International Curriculum provides a Certificate of Completion to schools to support teachers to celebrate the achievements of their learners. These certificates are delivered by the teacher based on their assessment of whether a student has successfully completed the subject or the year.


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