Lit in Colour

A free toolkit to help you diversify reading in your school

Lit in Colour

A free toolkit to help you diversify reading in your school

We’re delighted to be supporting Lit in Colour, an initiative launched by Penguin Random House alongside equality think tank, The Runnymede Trust, to support schools in diversifying the teaching of English and to increase students’ access to books by writers of colour and from minority ethnic backgrounds.

This free Diversifying Reading Toolkit offers practical support and tools to primary teachers and parents to increase confidence in teaching and discussing a more representative range of books.The toolkit includes a getting started guide, reading lists, teaching ideas, and an expert-led series of podcasts and articles. We'll be adding new resources regualrly, so keep checking this page for the latest updates, including how to get involved with our forthcoming independent reading project.

Get started

Increasing diversity in literature for primary schools

Download a free getting started guide

This getting started guide includes discussion points to help you consider your school's current provision and what to look out for in diverse texts, addressing challenges and suggesting solutions that will support your school to start increasing the diversity of your curriculum in English and beyond- perfect for a staff meeting. Check your Downloads folder once you’ve clicked the link to access the guide.

Diversify your curriculum

Lit in Colour Daniel Fenwick Podcast

Listen to the Podcast

Deputy Headteacher Daniel Fenwick talks to Shareen Wilkinson about his involvement with Lit in Colour and the steps that his school has taken to teach a wider range of texts.

 Daniel First Hand Account Image

One school’s story

Read Daniel Fenwick’s first-hand account of how his school have approached integrating diverse texts and planning an inclusive English curriculum.

Read key takeaways

Shareen Wilkinson reflects on the Lit in Colour research and some steps you can take now to start diversifying your curriculum.

Lit in Colour Resources

A long-term programme of practical support for teachers and school librarians, including book donations, training and free digital resources.

Find inclusive texts

Download Librarimum’s recommended reads

Download Librarimum’s recommended reads

School librarian and mum Rumena Aktar shares her recommended books for diversifying your curriculum, complete with teaching ideas.

Lit in Colour Darren Chetty Podcast

Listen to the Podcast

Researcher and educator Darren Chetty talks to Shareen Wilkinson about why it's important for all children to have access to a representative range of books.

Lit in Colour's incomplete book lists

Lit in Colour's incomplete book lists

Created in response to the Lit in Colour research, Penguin’s incomplete book lists aim to make writers of colour more visible.

Lit in Colour Auditing Tool

Lit in Colour's auditing tool

Download a tool to audit how diverse the authors and texts are that are used to support reading and writing from EYFS – KS2 in your school.

Talk to children about race

Laura Henry-Allain Podcast

Listen to the Podcast

Laura Henry-Allain MBE talks to Shareen Wilkinson about diversifying children’s publishing, why we need to talk to children about race in school and at home, and how to be anti-racist.

Engage parents and carers

Practical tips for parents

Ebony Lyon shares affordable ideas and reading recommendations for parents.

Books that celebrate diversity

Cerrie Burnell shares her favourite children's books that celebrate diversity.

Resources for parents

Lit in Colour’s ideas to share with parents to help them think about the books they have at home.

Further reading

Lit in Colour Research

Read the Lit in Colour research

Read Penguin and The Runnymede Trust's findings and recommendations for diversifying the teaching of English in schools.

Lit in colour Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity & inclusion at Oxford

Find out about the steps we’re taking to ensure all young people, and teachers and parents, see themselves reflected in the books and resources they use.

Read CLPE Reflecting Realities

Read CLPE Reflecting Realities

The Reflecting Realities report, identifies and evaluates representation within picture books, fiction and non-fiction and provides a benchmark to track and understand progress.