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We worked with independent experts to develop a rigorous and trustworthy process for evaluating impact

Evidence of Impact

We worked with independent experts to develop a rigorous and trustworthy process for evaluating impact

Oxford_Impact_Evaluated_Badge_Shadow_RGBA desire and need for proof of impact – or efficacy, as it is sometimes known – coming from educators and policy makers around the world looking to make the most of limited education budgets, has become increasingly clear over the years.

In response to this need we have created Oxford Impact and developed the Oxford Impact Framework with the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER), and supported by the Department of Education, University of Oxford. Through this framework, we undertake impact studies that comply with a rigorous process for evaluating the impact that our products and services have on teaching and learning.

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Find here our most up-to-date impact study reports on some of OUP’s Primary and Secondary products, and how these have helped make a real difference:

Primary impact study summary reports

Oxford Reading Levels

To understand the extent to which Oxford Reading Levels helps teachers differentiate their teaching provision to meet the needs of individual learners and groups of learners in international schools.


To gain an in-depth understanding of how teachers were using Numicon and how they perceived its impact on children’s mathematical learning.

Mathsbeat impact study


With teacher workload a concern at all levels of the education sector, Oxford University Press undertook an impact study to find out to what extent MathsBeat saves teachers’ time when teaching maths using a mastery approach.

Secondary impact study summary reports


To determine the perceived impact of Allez on increasing students’ readiness for the next level of study.

KS3 History by Aaron Wilkes

To understand how teachers and Heads of History perceived KS3 History by Aaron Wilkes Third Edition had impacted both student motivation and preparedness for study at GCSE.

Complete Companions for AQA Psychology

To gain an in-depth understanding of whether teachers and students find that The Complete Companions has a positive impact on students’ exam performance.


To find out how teachers and Heads of Geography perceived the impact of geog.123 on preparedness for the demands of GCSE Geography.

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