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Framework Maths: Year 8: Coursemaster CD-ROM

Framework Maths: Year 8: Coursemaster CD-ROM

Provides a full range of resources, homework, assessment, schemes of work and ICT activities

Minimum Specification


  • Processor Pentium II processor (min 400Mhz) and above
  • Ram 64 MB of RAM minimum
  • Operating System Windows® 2000, 2003 XP SP3
  • HD space 40mb 
  • Screen resolution 800 x 600 or higher
  • Third Party software Adobe®  Reader® 5, Microsoft ®  Word 2003
  • Plug-in Adobe Flash 8 plug-in for Internet Explorer
  • Interactive whiteboard (for use on major brands of interactive whiteboards including SMART Boards and Promethean Boards




Q: I've made a copy of the CD-ROM; why won't it work? (CC3)

A: You're allowed to copy the CD five times, to be used by staff at your school. The machine-readable CD label must be 'Coursemaster FM7' (or FM8 if you have the year 8 CD). To check this, look at the name beside your CD drive in My Computer. If this label is wrong, you will have to burn a new copy from the original, making sure to label the CD correctly in your CD writing software.

Q: When I open Framework Maths CD-ROMs I am unable to get beyond the welcome screen?

A: Please contact and request the new 1.2 version of the software

Q: Can I network the CD-ROM?

A: The CD does not have a network installation. Some schools have successfully networked the software but OUP do not provide technical support for this option

Q: When l construct my own scheme of work, and try to save it, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

A: Open Word and go to the Tools menu; choose Options, click the General tab and the seventh checkbox down says "Check conversion at Open", ensure this box is checked


Q: There are currently no FAQs for this product

A: Please contact the help desk using our contact help form or call us on 01865 353374 to speak to one of our team.