Eduqas GCSE English Language and Literature

Eduqas GCSE English Language and English Literature

Motivational support for the Eduqas GCSE English Language and English Literature specifications

Designed to maximise learning and exam performance, these student, teacher and Kerboodle resources aim to help teachers deliver a relevant and interesting skills-based course.

  • Develop students' reading and writing in the context of the Assessment Objectives
  • Improve students' writing by embedding guidance and activities on technical accuracy and organisation
  • Supports teachers to create and deliver effective, assessment-focused lessons
  • Provides active revision support, targeting the most essential skills and knowledge to ensure exam success
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Series contains:

3 Student Books

1 Revision Workbook

1 Teacher Companion

1 Kerboodle: Resources and Assessments

3 Kerboodle Student Books

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Eduqas GCSE English Language and English Literature
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