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Tricolore Total

The leading French course for middle to higher ability students is now even better!

Don't miss the new edition of Tricolore for the 2014 curriculum: Tricolore 5e édition.

Tricolore Total is packed with inspiring content to bring French and the Francophone world to a new generation of linguists.

Tricolore Total 4 for GCSE is a motivating and challenging set of resources for your higher-attaining students, providing them with rigorous preparation for GCSE.

The Tricolore Total series includes interactive Kerboodle Books with great features which allow you to annotate, highlight, bookmark pages and add links through to websites and online articles.

  • Student Books provide even more focus on language learning skills, motivation and student engagement, as well as up-to-date content reflecting contemporary issues in international contexts
  • Teacher's books are easy to navigate and provide unit-by-unit suggestions for teaching, starters and plenaries, as well as opportunities for Assessment for Learning
  • Online activities and assessment matched to each stage of the course are delivered via Kerboodle
  • Copymaster and assessment Packs contain differentiated practice materials and extension activities for both middle and higher ailities to consolidate their learning
  • Audio CD Packs contain a variety of up-to-date and relevant material recorded by native French speakers, at just the right speed and level for middle to higher ability students
  • Grammar in Action workbooks provide opportunities for students to work through consolidation exercises

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Series contains:

  • 4 Student Books
  • 4 Workbook Packs
  • 4 Audio CD Packs
  • 4 Copymaster and Assessments
  • 4 Teacher Books
  • 4 Kerboodle Books
  • 1 Kerboodle Online Resource
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Tricolore Total 4 for GCSE

Tricolore Total 4 for GCSE

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Tricolore Total