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STP Caribbean Mathematics (3rd edition)

A thorough and engaging course

STP Maths is one of the best selling maths courses across the Caribbean. The third edition has been revised in line with the CXC syllabus, and now includes the use of investigations with opportunities for group work. It provides complete coverage of the CXC syllabus for the CSEC examination.

  • Now with full colour design with lively illustrations
  • Review tests are included to assist the student and teacher to monitor progress
  • Lots of worked examples - simple and complex examples have been added
  • Investigations strategy to encourage group work
  • Activities and investigations throughout to encourage development of higher order thinking skills
  • Topics that students often find difficult, such as earth geometry are fully explained
  • Review tests linked to all topics
  • Simulated CXC questions written by experienced examiners
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STP Caribbean Mathematics (3rd edition)