Inspire the next generation of scientists with Oxford Smart Curriculum Service: Activate

Oxford Smart Activate

A complete KS3 science curriculum, informed by research and you

What do we mean by complete? We mean resources and complimentary assessments; personalised next steps, in-depth data and insights and integrated CPD. Everything working seamlessly together. And everything accessible in one place, Kerboodle Online Learning.

With Oxford Smart Activate you are fully supported to deliver a KS3 science experience that connects to your students lived experiences. One that nurtures students, builds skills and knowledge, and carries that curiosity through to GCSE.

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What makes Oxford Smart Activate different?

The curriculum is underpinned by the six Oxford Smart pillars. These are: coherence, high expectations, responsive teaching anid learning, metacognition, learner identity, and awe and wonder. Each pillar is informed by research and link together to deliver a truly-transformational curriculum.

The complete service has also been used by Pioneer Schools. These schools have had access to Oxford Smart Activate, and have been using it with Year 7 groups. They have shared their experiences and insights, to drive improvements for you.

Metacognition case study

Responsive Teaching and Learning case study

Oxford Smart Activate’s extensive pool of retrieval questions, formative assessments and next steps, make it simple for you and your students to test their understanding as they progress, and check their retention of that knowledge.

Personalised assessments combined with immediate next steps ensure students, understand their results, core concepts are reinforced, and skills are stretched by the follow-up questions. Watch the video to find out how a students’ personalized learning journey is achieved.

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Automarked test results immediately populate reports, which you can view on a class or student level. Areas of the curriculum that are secure and areas of weakness to address further, are easy to identify. These insights give you all the information you need to plan and teach responsively; to reinforce concepts, and to personally learn from cohorts and make adjustments for future classes.

Knowledge and task reports provide:

• A breakdown through the curriculum levels
• A visualised developing, secure, extending summary
• Developing, secure, extending levelling by task for each student
• Class average mark
• Overall mark for each task which can then be broken down by question.


Watch: Oxford Smart Smart Data and Insights

You can be confident that every member of your team, whether they are specialists or non-specialists, are fully-supported as they plan, teach and track student progress. This includes, front-of-class powerpoint presentations, activity sheets for every lesson with scaffolding and a library of research and on-demand CPD.

Kerboodle provides a coherent technology solution that benefits your whole department. One Kerboodle subscription gives you access to all Oxford Smart Activate resources and assessments so that you are resourced whether you follow a combined sciences or separate sciences route, or follow a 2 or 3 year KS3.

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We consider there to be three main strands to learner identity:

• How students understand themselves as learners and become independent learners. This is supported by the metacognitive strategies throughout Oxford Smart Activate.

• Whether students can see themselves reflected in the curriculum, for example by being able to make links with their lived experiences.

• Helping students recognise and understand their place within STEM and see their potential as future scientists.

To think and work like a scientist takes time. With curiosity and investigation at the heart of the curriculum, Oxford Smart Activate gradually builds this mindset and the skills students need with targeted stretch and scaffolding.

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Oxford Smart Activate Curriculum Summary

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This summary explores the intent and pillars behind the Oxford Smart Activate curriculum. You can also take a look at how biology, chemistry and physics develop across the 5 years, from KS3 to KS4.

Oxford Smart Activate