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Shakespeare Made Easy

A number of titles and activities to engage students with Shakespeare

Offering an excellent introduction to Shakespeare, the original play appears alongside a modern English line-by-line translation. This approach aims to engage and motivate students of all abilities, while varied activities promote independent learning and self-evaluation.

Choose Shakespeare Made Easy for:

  • Practical activities, including one-word-answer quizzes, 'What's missing' sections and exam-style questions which encourage students to apply their knowledge
  • Useful, additional historical notes about Shakespeare's life, play and theatres that help to contextualise his works
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Series contains:

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  • King Lear

    "A definite must have. I also bought the required text I needed for my course, with notes in it, but this beats it by far!"

    Amazon Review, March 2013

  • Macbeth

    "Shakespeare Made Easy has been a great help to my son doing his English Literature GCSE. I thoroughly recommend it."

    Amazon Review, October 2012

  • Hamlet

    "A definite must have for students studying Hamlet. Shakespeare on one side and modern translation on the other. Translated clear and concisely. Happy days."

    Amazon Review, October 2013

  • Othello

    "Shakespeare Made Easy books are quite simply fantastic. I read it once only reading the modern English, and then a week before I saw the play in Shakespearean English. Whilst some friends struggled to understand the play, having read this book I fully understood what was going on."

    Amazon Review, January 2010

  • Macbeth

    "Thank goodness for this series of books! My son's studying Shakespeare for his GCSEs and these Shakespeare made easy books are just fantastic"

    Amazon Review, October 2013

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Shakespeare Made Easy