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Science works

Science Works

Get your 11-14 learners genuinely excited about science

Science Works is a flexible and genuinely relevant digital course for 11-14. Recommended by Cambridge, Science Works offers an issues-led, digital approach which relates science to the real world.

  • Gives the option of two or three year teaching pathways, so the pace is just right
  • OxBox CD-ROMs make it easy to customize and add your own resources, ensuring your lessons exactly match the needs of your students 
  • Easy to deliver and full of engaging and lively material that gets students really excited about science
  • A focus on environmental and ethical concerns in global and local contexts helps you develop responsible, engaged and thoughtful world citizens
  • Contemporary and historical case studies encourage students to think critically about scientific concepts
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Series contains:

  • 3 Student Books
  • 3 Interactive Resources & Planning
    OxBox CD-ROMs
  • 3 Resources and Planning Packs
  • 3 Assessment OxBox CD-ROMs
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Teachers say...

  • I am very happy with the resources; the content is appropriate and stimulating and there is extensive differentiation built into the scheme of work.

    Matthew Roberts, Head of Science, British School of Alicante, Spain

Science Works