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Rollercoasters: fiction, non-fiction and poetry for KS3/11-14 students

Rollercoasters (KS3/11-14)

An exciting range of classroom fiction, non-fiction and poetry, with free supporting teaching resources for KS3/11-14

Specifically chosen to encourage KS3/11-14 students to pick up a book, and another, and another! 

Rollercoasters comprises a wide-ranging list of award-winning titles by award-winning writers, themed collections that are ideal for introducing students to the texts they will encounter later in their studies, and poetry, and are supported by free online resource packs.


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Series contains:

  • 61 Rollercoaster novels
  • 10 collections
  • 1 poetry anthology
  • 33 free online Teacher Packs
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Intent, Implementation and Impact

A document detailing how Rollercoasters supports the Ofsted Curriculum Framework.

Supporting the Ofsted Curriculum Framework

Find out how Rollercoasters supports you in delivering a coherent skills- and knowledge-rich curriculum

Rollercoaster Resource Packs

KS3 Rollercoaster Resource Pack

Free, editable and flexible

Each 11-14 Rollercoasters title, including the poetry anthology and collections, is fully supported by our free resource packs. The editable content can be adapted for the needs of your students and to fit in with your teaching.

New to Rollercoasters

A Monster Calls

Conor is dealing with more than an ordinary teenager should have to – and now he’s being visited by an ancient elemental monster.

The Island at the End of Everything

Following the decree that all healthy children must leave the island, twelve-year-old Ami is banished to an orphanage. Can she find her way home before her mother dies?


Landfill has lived his whole life in Hinterland with his guardian Bagaboo. But Landfill is curious and is starting to question whether Babagoo really does know best...

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Super-accessible, Super-Readable fiction for KS3/11-14

Super-Readable Rollercoasters

Fiction specifically written for students with a low-reading age by award-winning contemporary authors

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Rollercoasters (KS3/11-14)