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PE video analysis and assessment

PE Video Analysis Assessment Toolkit

The easy way to assess your students' progress

Provides you and your students with a
toolkit of specially commissioned video clips
to analyse their progression against National Curriculum levels at a range of core skills.

Available for Tennis, Badminton & Table Tennis, Cricket & Rounders, Athletics and Gymnastics. These flexible DVD-ROMs can be used across all key stages, and each  
DVD-ROM includes up to 150 video clips.

  • Each skill is demonstrated at five different levels to aid moderation and assessment
  • Activities are shown from at least two angles to give the best understanding of movement and technique
  • Student-friendly descriptions accompany each clip to highlight the strengths and weaknesses
  • Clips can be played in full screen view, or key movements printed as handouts
  • Clips are presented in Dartfish® mediabook
  • All four DVD-ROMs are endorsed by the Association for Physical Education
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Series contains:

  • 4 DVD-ROMs
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Guide to Video Analysis

Core skills included

  • Cricket & Rounders

    Cricket: Basic bowling action, Leg glance, Front foot defence, Off drive, Back foot defence, Pull shot, Square cut, One-handed pick-up, Throw, Long barrier stop, Close catch, Deep catch, Conditioned movement Rounders: Basic bowling action, Batting

  • Athletics

    Sprinting action, Javelin, Basic throwing technique, Putt, Discus, Long jump, High jump, Triple jump

  • Gymnastics

    Straight jump, Tuck jump, Straddle jump, Pike jump, Jump half turn, Jump full turn, Cat leap, Scissor kick, Stag leap, Split leap, Switch leap, Teddy bear roll, Back shoulder roll, Forward roll, Backward roll, Back walkover, Back handspring, Front walkover, Front handspring (two foot landing), V sit, Shoulder stand, Scale, Needle, Y scale, Bridge, Cartwheel

  • Tennis, Badminton & Table Tennis

    Tennis: Forehand, Backhand, Serve, Smash, Volley, Conditioned rally Badminton: Forehand, Backhand, Serve, Net play, Overhead clear/smash, Conditioned rally Table Tennis: Forehand, Backhand, Serve, Kill, Conditioned rally

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PE Video Analysis Assessment Toolkit