Oxford Smart Quest

Oxford Smart Quest

A coherent KS3 English Curriculum Service that inspires awe and wonder

Coming soon and part of the Oxford Smart Curriculum Service, underpinned by Oxford Smart pillars, Oxford Smart Quest is a new evidence-informed KS3 English Curriculum Service, powered by Kerboodle, which seamlessly integrates curriculum, assessment, data and insights.

How is Oxford Smart Quest different?

There are a number of reasons as to why Oxford Smart Quest is different to anything else for KS3 English.

  • Brand new KS3 English Language and Literature resources and assessments developed alongside each other.
  • Narrative pathways mapped from KS1 to KS4, enabling careful sequencing that build on the skills and knowledge from KS2, to support progress across KS3 and KS4.
  • Regular low-stakes quizzes with automated next steps, data and insights to support or extend students’ learning.
  • An integrated CPD program with access to a wide range of research and teaching methodology.
  • Trialed by UK Pioneer Schools to make sure everything works for students and teachers.

How do students benefit?

With high quality, diverse and representative texts and themes at its heart, Oxford Smart Quest will make English relevant, engaging and inspiring for all KS3 students. Quest will enable learners to explore the rich literary heritage of English and will look forwards to a future dominated by the digital world, building on students’ experiences and learning from KS2, and making sure they are prepared for KS4 … and beyond!

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Oxford Smart Quest Curriculum Summary

Oxford Smart Quest Curriculum summary

Download an overview of the curriculum

This curriculum summary explores the intent and pillars behind the Oxford Smart Curriculum Service for English. You can also take a look at how it develops across the 3 years.

Oxford Smart Quest