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Oxford School Shakespeare: supporting all students all around the world

Oxford School Shakespeare

Bringing Shakespeare to all your students

Teachers often find that Shakespeare's use of language is the largest barrier to student understanding and engagement, and this is where Oxford School Shakespeare excels. Notes and explanations are next to the relevant line, immediately aiding understanding, while photographs and illustrations encourage students to visualise the action.  

  • Clear notes and commentaries give detailed explanations of difficult words and passages
  • Photographs from theatre productions offer alternative interpretations and staging ideas
  • Two column format makes reference-checking and explanations more immediate
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Series contains:

  • 21 plays


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  • A cumulative tour de force, which is full of passion and vitality. This everyone's passport to Shakespeare.

    Times Educational Supplement

  • Thorough and scholarly in approach

    The School Librarian

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Free resources

Romeo and Juliet: Imagery (DOC)

An activity identifying and examining different types of imagery

Romeo and Juliet: Juliet (DOC)

An activity putting Juliet in the hot-seat

Romeo and Juliet: Conflict (DOC)

A grid asking students to identify conflicts and how they affect the plot

Romeo and Juliet: language definitions (DOC)

An activity linking quotations, from the play, to their meanings

Romeo and Juliet: linking quotations (DOC)

An activity linking quotations, from the play, to their meanings

Oxford School Shakespeare