Oxford Playscripts: accessible and engaging scripts for the KS3/11-14 English classroom and Drama studio

Oxford Playscripts

Bringing theatre to your classroom for over 25 years: popular adaptations and original drama

Each play within the Oxford Playscripts series has been chosen to work well within a KS3/11-14 classroom or drama studio, and are ideal ways to introduce students to thought-provoking, challenging and accessible, classic and modern plays.

The series has recently expanded to include four iconic Arthur Miller plays, suitable for GCSE/14-16 and AS/A Level. Click to find out more.

  • Can be used to introduce pre- and post-1914 texts
  • Ideal for reading in class or pushing the tables back for performances 
  • Each text contains introductions from the authors or adapters, with curriculum- focussed teachers notes and activities


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Information about performing an Oxford Playscripts play

Oxford Playscripts: contemporary and classic plays for the classroom

Applying for a license

All rights whatsoever are strictly reserved and an application for performance should be made prior to commencement of rehearsal. Please visit www.oup.com/education/rights for details of how to apply for a performance licence. No performance may be made unless a licence has been obtained and no alterations may be made on the title or the text of the play without the author’s prior written consent.

Oxford Playscripts