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Oxford AQA GCSE History

Trusted expert support for the AQA specification from Jon Cloake and Aaron Wilkes

Oxford AQA GCSE History has been written to match the latest AQA GCSE History specification and developed by an expert team including Revision Guides and accompanying Kerboodle resources.

All Student Books and Kerboodle Books have been approved by AQA.

  • Compelling, authoritative but accessible narrative combined with essential assessment support and skills practice
  • Kerboodle provides a digital online resource packed full of exam practice, revision, and continuing support for all 16 options in the AQA specification
  • Student Books cover the most popular topics for Paper 1 with a clear and precise match to the new AQA specification
  • All paper 2 Thematic and British Depth study options are covered, providing the flexibility to pick and choose options depending on the set historical site locations.
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Series contains:

7 Kerboodle Books

1 Kerboodle: Exam Practice and Revision

7 Student Books

9 Revision Guides

1 Teacher Handbook

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What does Oxford AQA GCSE History deliver?

Oxford AQA GCSE History course structure (PDF)

Find out how Oxford AQA GCSE History is structured

Oxford AQA GCSE History and the 2016 specification (zip)

Learn how Oxford AQA GCSE History matches the 2016 specification, you can download a detailed guide of each Student Book to see how it meets the requirements of the specifications.

Oxford AQA GCSE History course guide (PDF)

Read more about Oxford AQA GCSE History and how it caters for your students

Oxford AQA GCSE History review

  • Thematic Studies: c790-Present Day

    “This book is the most useful of the textbooks currently on offer for the AQA GCSE thematic studies. Each section has an enquiry question, objectives, practice questions, study tips, work, extensions and key words. Timelines, biographies and fascinating facts are added where appropriate, and there is not the dry, repetitive feel that can infect a thematic study at GCSE.

    Overall, this book is well-structured and will provide the building blocks for teachers to build the thematic knowledge and understanding of their students.”

    Helen Snelson, Head of History in an 11-18 secondary school

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Oxford History for AQA at Kerboodle

Kerboodle provides a bank of teaching material for running creative and effective lessons. It's intuitive, customizable and can be accessed online anytime, anywhere.

Oxford AQA GCSE History