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Numicon Big Ideas for KS3

Support for transition to Year 7

Big Ideas is a 12-week maths teaching programme that uses the proven Numicon approach to teach Key Stage 3 maths concepts. The programme helps upper Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 students learn and explore maths while building their confidence.

Our engaging maths activities are perfect for supporting Year 7 students in the transition to secondary school, as well learners not meeting age-related expectations.

Why use Numicon Big Ideas?

  • It includes an initial assessment and 48 step-by-step sessions across 5 key areas
  • It helps build confidence in maths
  • It allows students to explore maths using structured imagery and apparatus
  • It can be used with existing resources to help rebuild learning
  • It can be delivered by non-specialists and teaching assistants
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Series contains:

  • Numicon Big Ideas
  • Numicon Intervention Resources
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Case study

Mr A Gaskell, Head of Mathematics at Welland Park Academy, explains how his school uses Numicon Big Ideas with their Year 7 cohorts.

Webinar: Ensuring a good start in Year 7 Maths

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Key Stage 3 matching charts

Discover how Numicon Big Ideas complements the KS3 courses from Oxford you know and love.

Professional development

This flexible, online course for Numicon Big Ideas is a modular course that you and your staff can access at a time and place to suit you.

Numicon Big Ideas for KS3