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Nelson Key Geography and assessment: FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about the assessment support offered by Nelson Key Geography.

Q: What criteria are students assessed against?

A: The marking guidelines supplied are based around the requirements of the new Programme of Study.

Q: What support is there for formative assessment?

A: There’s an interactive multi-choice test and an enquiry worksheet for every double-page spread in the Nelson Key Geography Student Books on Kerboodle.

Q: Are there interactive assessments?

A: Yes, there’s a multiple-choice test for every double-page in the Nelson Key Geography Student Books on Kerboodle.

Q: What kind of paper-based assessments are there?

A: For every-double page spread in the books, Nelson Key Geography Kerboodle provides a worksheet which you can print out and photocopy. There’s also a project-based enquiry task to complement each topic covered in the books. Kerboodle provides the task, supporting resources, and teacher notes which explain the rationale behind the task and offer marking guidance.

Q: Are any of the assessments automarked?

A: Yes, the end-of-lesson interactive assessments are automarked