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Effective levelling, personalized learning and plenty of real-life functional maths.

This popular KS3 maths series makes the KS3 curriculum work for you. (And it's quite good fun, too!)

  • Effective levelling and essential rigour for all your KS3 maths students.
  • Clear and engaging layout helps student learn more effectively
  • Real-life functional KS3 maths empowers students to act and flourish in the real world
  • All the work for APP, functional maths, and PLTS is done for you, right down to the National Assessment Agency sub-levels
  • Complete with customizable OxBox CD-ROMs

Download a complete sample chapter here.

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Series contains:

  • 9 Student Books
  • 9 Teacher Guides
  • 9 Homework Books
  • 3 Practice Books
  • 3 Assessment OxBox CD-ROMs
  • 3 Interactive OxBox CD-ROMs
  • 1 Basics Resource Pack
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