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Living Faiths

The only KS3 Religious Studies course presenting faiths lived through real families

Living Faiths uses case studies to present an in-depth look into how faiths are practised and lived in people's daily lives. The interactive resources on Kerboodle give your students a first-hand experience of how faith affects the way real people live.

  • Author team led by experienced RE Consultant Janet Dyson and well-known author and PGCE tutor Robert Bowie
  • Prepares students for GCSE by providing a solid basis at KS3 for them to work from
  • Kerboodle contains a wealth of specially-commissioned films, ready-to-play lessons, an assessment package, interactives, worksheets, and more
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Series contains:

  • 6 Kerboodle: Lessons, Resources and Assessments
  • 6 Kerboodle Books
  • 6 Student Books
  • 6 Teacher Guides
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Christianity Image Gallery (PPT)

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Living Faiths