Oxford Literature Companion: Study guides and revision workbooks for all GCSE exam boards

Oxford Literature Companions

From the classroom to assessment - ideal support for set texts

These study guides and revision workbooks are packed with information and advice from experienced teachers and examiners, to help deepen students' understanding of their set texts and increase their confidence when reading and understanding their set-texts (age 14-16/GCSE/CSEC).

Each guide has been designed to be used in the classroom or at home, whilst the revision guides are ideal for additional practice opportunities. All titles are suitable for all exam boards

  • The accessible layout and engaging activities encourage a deeper student engagement with the text
  • The Upgrade feature provides simple tips to help improve student grades
  • An extensive skills and practice chapter contains essential information for exam preparation
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    Series contains:

    • 23 GCSE study guides
    • 12 GCSE revision workbooks
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    Oxford Literature Companions for A Level

    Oxford Literature Companions. Set text support for AS/A level

    Oxford Literature Companions for AS/A Level

    Offering a fresh approach to studying and understanding set texts. Ideal for use at home or in the classroom.

    Oxford Literature Companions