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Oxford Literature Companions: study guides for AS/A level set texts

Oxford Literature Companions for AS/A Level

From the classroom to assessment - study guides for AS/A Level English Literature set texts

Thought-provoking activities and engaging content combine in each Oxford Literature Companion for AS/A Level. Each study guide provides comprehensive coverage of genre, characterisation, theme, structure, and language, encouraging students to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the set texts.

  • Comprehensive coverage of genre, characterisation, themes, structure, language and context
  • Exploration of critical responses to the text and how these can enhance and enrich understanding
  • A Skills and Practice section provides detailed assessment advice and a bank of exam-style questions, as well as annotated sample student answers
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Series contains:

Death of a Salesman

The Great Gatsby


King Lear


A Streetcar Named Desire

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Oxford Literature Companions for AS/A Level