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KS3 History

KS3 History
by Aaron Wilkes:
2nd Edition

Makes history memorable and
chronology clearer than ever

Written by a team of experienced teachers led by Aaron Wilkes, KS3 History captures real and current classroom needs using a unique and entertaining enquiry led approach.

  • Student Books feature an overview section explaining how the book tackles key concepts and processes
  • OxBox CD-ROMs are filled with interactive classroom activities to engage your whole class
  • Tasks and activities highlighting teamwork, enquiry and independent learning skill
    Themes which explore ideas of tolerance, rule making, justice and Britain’s place in the wider world
  • Timelines in every section help students place key dates in time
  • Specific attention given to supporting and improving students’ literacy levels
  • Enquiry-led questions help students develop their understanding
  • New Third Editions are now available
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Series contains:

  • Taster pack
  • 4 Student books
  • 4 OxBox CD-ROMs
  • 4 free teacher guides
  • 4 Teacher CD-ROMs
  • 4 Depth Study student books
  • 4 Depth Study teacher guides with CD-ROMs
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Meet the author

Secondary History - Aaron Wilkes

Aaron Wilkes

Find out about Head of History and popular author, Aaron Wilkes, including an article covering his experience of an OFSTED inspection.

An insight into teaching
by Aaron Wilkes


  • "This is a fabulous, child-friendly history book. It is my 11-yr old's school history text book and she loves it so much that I bought her a copy of her own and intend to build up the range for her. The facts are all in there but presented in a fun, light-hearted manner with great diagrams - the gruesome after-effects of the beauty treatments of the day are a particular favourite!"

    Amazon review, 15 Jan 2008 - on Renaissance, Revolution and Reformation - Student Book

  • "The perfect resource to hook the imagination, with superb question or titles within each chapter." "Evokes laughter, tears and intrigue. The best History textbook I have seen in thirty years."

    John Perkins, Head of History, Campion School, Bugbrooke, Northants

  • "One of the best laid out history books for a long time. Well resourced and lovely pictures. It is easy to read and most pupils would enjoy using it. The bite size bits of information focuses on the most important facts in history. The layout relates easily to today making the book understandable and relevant to young people today, which also clearly meets the needs of all pupils. The assessment sections are excellent. Would recommend this as a good resource for schools to have."

    TES Review Bank, April 09 - on Invasion, Plague and Murder - student book

  • "Every effort has been made to make the content succinct, yet focussed."

    TES review of The Rise and Fall of the British Empire Depth Study

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KS3 History<br> 
by Aaron Wilkes:
<br>2nd Edition