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Social Studies for Jamaica

Teaching the importance of Jamaican society and togetherness

Social Studies for Jamaica is a three-level course written specifically to cover the ROSE Social Studies syllabus. It covers the three core themes of Living Together, Working Together and Growing Together. Using a variety of teaching methods, it will help students become effective members of Jamaican society in their eventual roles of parents, citizens, workers and consumers. There is one Student’s Book for each Grade. Each Student’s Book is accompanied by a Teacher’s Guide.


  • Objectives at the beginning of each unit, clearly setting out what is to be learned
  • An outline of the concepts and skills covered in each unit
  • Learning exercises, activities and projects. Exercises have to be completed by the students, with the activities providing a practical element to learning. The projects are to be completed independently by students: these enable them to develop their research, presentation, evaluation and analytical skills
  • Case studies are included to illustrate key areas of learning. Each is followed by a set of questions to reinforce learning and observations
  • End-of-unit summaries and questions. At least half the questions are multiple choice and provide an opportunity for students to assess their progress
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Series contains:

3 Teacher Materials

3 Textbooks

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Social Studies for Jamaica