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Ignite English: Linking English skills taught in the KS3/11-14 classroom to the world beyond

Ignite English (KS3)

Linking KS3/11-14 English skills taught in the classroom to the real world and laying the foundation for GCSE

These creative and flexible print and digital resources, from a trusted author team including Geoff Barton, aim to link the skills taught in the classroom to those needed in the real world. Accompanying film-based professional development (PD) units featuring Geoff Barton and Phil Jarrett offer support for the whole department.

  • Thematically-linked, real-world based chapters make learning relevant for each student
  • A flexible series, both digitally and on the page, which can be customized for your students
  • Provides an effective transition between Years 6 and 7, and into GCSE
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Series contains:

3 Kerboodle: Resources and Assessments with teacher access to the Kerboodle Books

Student access to 3 Kerboodle Books

3 Student Books

3 Teacher Companions

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Intent, Implementation and Impact

A document detailing how Ignite English supports the Ofsted Curriculum Framework.

Supporting the Ofsted Curriculum Framework

Find out how Ignite English supports you in delivering a coherent skills- and knowledge-rich curriculum

What does Ignite English deliver?

Course guide

A guide showing how Ignite English delivers the KS3 National Curriculum

Course structure

An Ignite English component chart

Ignite English video with Geoff Barton

Introducing Ignite English

Geoff Barton explains the rationale behind Ignite English

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What's on Kerboodle?

Lesson Player

Ready-to-use and customizable lesson presentations


18 specially commissioned interviews from thematically-connected jobs


Over 350 editable worksheets

Interactive activities

More than 40 interactive activities


Over 100 presentations

Continuing Professional Development units

A suite of resources developed by Martin Phillips and Geoff Barton

Year 6 Transition Unit

A free unit of work to help students start KS3 with increased confidence

Alternative end of unit assessments

Editable assessments ensure a range of productive outcomes are covered

SPAG interactives

These activities can be assigned to students when they need extra practice

Ignite English (KS3)