Ignite English: Linking English skills taught in the KS3/11-14 classroom to the world beyond

Ignite English (KS3)

Linking KS3/11-14 English skills taught in the classroom to the real world and laying the foundation for GCSE

These creative and flexible print and digital resources, from a trusted author team including Geoff Barton, aim to link the skills taught in the classroom to those needed in the real world. Accompanying film-based professional development (PD) units featuring Geoff Barton and Phil Jarrett offer support for the whole department.

  • Thematically-linked, real-world based chapters make learning relevant for each student
  • A flexible series, both digitally and on the page, which can be customized for your students
  • Provides an effective transition between Years 6 and 7, and into GCSE
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Series contains:

  • 3 Student Books
  • 3 Teacher Companions
  • 3 Kerboodle Lessons, Resources and Assessment
  • 3 Kerboodle Online Student Books
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Ignite English (KS3)
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