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Ignite English (KS3)

"We really liked how the resources prepared students for the skills that need to be taught at GCSE"

Ignite English (KS3)

"We really liked how the resources prepared students for the skills that need to be taught at GCSE"

Ignite English aims to help reinvigorate KS3 English teaching and learning by providing a range of exciting and motivational resources that address key issues for teachers and students.

Developed with Geoff Barton and written by teachers with a real passion for English, Ignite English has been designed to allow you the flexibility to customize lessons for your students, connecting learning in the classroom with skills used in the wider world through a variety of immersive print and digital resources.

  • Devised, authored and reviewed by experienced Teachers of English, including Geoff Barton, Jill Carter, Christopher Edge, Peter Ellison, Liz Hanton, Mel Peeling, Martin Phillips, Alison Smith and Phil Jarrett
  • Ignite English is accompanied by next generation Kerboodle, building on popular features, and with new functionality and support for running creative and effective lessons*
  • Student books feature a unique design that immerses students within the theme of the unit
  • 18 specially commissioned interviews providing over 40 unique films connecting the learning in Ignite English to skills used in a number of thematically-linked jobs
  • Student book units aim to engage students by connecting their skill development, through the theme of the unit, with Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills used in a range of relevant and interesting jobs outside school
  • Differentiation and Support activities are featured throughout the Student Books and contain links to relevant online activities
  • Individual lesson plans and complete lesson players provide teachers with the ability to customise activities and tasks to the ability of their students

*Kerboodle was developed by Nelson Thornes, now part of Oxford University Press. Together we'll be able to bring you more choice, support and advice.

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Series contains:

  • 3 Student Books
  • 3 Teacher Companions
  • 3 Kerboodle Lessons, Resources and Assessment
  • 3 Kerboodle Online Student Books
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Ignite English Kerboodle update

20 new videos

Brand new interview videos are now available. Find out more about the films and where to find them here.

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Ignite English (KS3)