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IB Science

IB Science

Cover the current syllabus and drive active inquiry

Trusted by schools around the world, this comprehensive suite of resources support all learners in achieving their full potential in DP Science.

  • Cover the latest syllabus using Course Books developed in cooperation with the IB, plus comprehensive Study Guides
  • Access online teaching, learning and assessment support via IB Science Kerboodle
  • Prepare learners for the step up to DP with new Course Preparation resources
  • Provide the most up-to-date, authoritative guidance on DP assessment via new IB Prepared resources


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Series contains:

  • IB Biology Course Book
  • IB Chemistry Course Book
  • IB Physics Course Book
  • IB Biology Study Guide
  • IB Chemistry Study Guide
  • IB Physics Study Guide
  • IB Science Kerboodle: Biology
  • IB Science Kerboodle: Chemistry
  • IB Science Kerboodle: Physics
  • Biology for IB Diploma Course Preparation
  • Chemistry for IB Diploma Course Preparation
  • Physics for IB Diploma Course Preparation
  • IB Prepared: Biology (print & online)
  • IB Prepared: Chemistry (print & online)
  • IB Prepared: Physics (print & online)
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IB Science Kerboodle Online Resources

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IB Science
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