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geog.123 3rd edition

geog.123 third edition

A modern, imaginative approach that gets students excited about geography

Teachers all over the world love geog.123's motivating and rigorous approach to Geography. As well as bright, relevant students' books, there's something for your every need, including resources high achievers and EAL students, plus indispensable OxBox CD-ROMs.

  • Internationally-focused, with a global outlook designed to be relevant all over the world
  • Most relevant and engaging: packed full of case studies and topics that affect your students with popular, motivating chapters like Sport, Global warming and China
  • Straightforward and uncomplicated language which lets students focus on the geography, with integrated EAL support
  • Best for differentiation: Challenges CD-ROMs help you to stretch your high achievers
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Series contains:

  • 3 student books
  • 3 teacher handbooks
  • 3 workbooks
  • 3 planning and resources OxBox CD-ROMs
  • 3 assessment files & OxBox CD-ROMs
  • 3 basics OxBox CD-ROMs & teacher's files
  • 3 challenges OxBox CD-ROMs & teacher's files
  • 1 EAL workbook
  • 1 atlas
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Teachers say. . .

  • I like the geog. series because the books have a good structure. The students get a good insight into the different topics, the illustrations can be used as a starting point for group discussions with the class, and the teacher's handbook also gives additional hints on how to develop certain topics and how to focus on the key words in the different chapters.

    Geography department, Lycée Technique Michel Lucius, Luxembourg

  • The layout is perfect - it provides a good basis for assessment, the content is extensive and at an appropriate level, and the resources are very good. It provides the perfect support for non-specialist teachers, and allows extension work to be planned by specialists. It's relevant to the world today too, and provides a solid foundation for KS4.

    David Majury, St Columbanus College

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geog.123 third edition