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geog.123 and assessment: FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about the assessment support offered by geog.123.

Q: What criteria are students assessed against and how are they marked?

A: The mark schemes supplied on geog.123 Kerboodle are based around the requirements of the new Programme of Study and give you three ways to assess and report students’ achievement: levels, based on the old NC levels, GCSE grade indicators or performance terms (beginning/developing, securing, extending).

Q: What support is there for formative assessment?

A: There's an interactive test for every double-page spread in the geog.123 Student Books on geog.123 Kerboodle. Other opportunities for formative assessment include the differentiated worksheets supplied on Kerboodle for each double-page spread, the ‘Your turn’ questions in the Student Books, and the suggestions for class and homework included in your Teacher’s Handbook.

Q: Are there interactive assessments?

A: Yes, for every double-page lesson in the geog.123 Student Books there’s an interactive, automarked formative assessment on Kerboodle. There’s also an interactive self-assessment for every chapter. Students’ responses to these are automatically recorded in your Kerboodle markbook.

Q: What kind of paper-based assessments are there?

A: For each chapter in the geog.123 Student Books, there is both an exam-style question and an extended assessment task on Kerboodle. These include presentations to help you brief your class as well as the task itself and teacher notes with mark schemes. The student task and teacher notes can be printed out.

Q: Are there opportunities for self-assessment?

A: Yes, there’s an interactive self-assessment form for every chapter on Kerboodle. Students’ responses are automatically recorded in your Kerboodle markbook.

Q: Are any of the assessments automarked?

A: Yes, the end-of-lesson assessments and self-assessments are automarked, with the results recorded in your Kerboodle markbook. For the exam-style questions and extended assessment tasks, mark schemes are provided and it’s quick and easy to add the results in to your markbook.

Q: How does the Kerboodle markbook work?

A: Student scores and responses for the interactive assessment elements (the end-of-lesson assessments and the self-assessment forms) are automatically recorded in your markbook. You can easily add in results for the paper-based extended assessment tasks and exam-style questions yourself. This allows you to build a complete record of student achievement and progress.