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GeoActive is now on next generation Kerboodle

Keep your students up-to-date with the latest geographical news and insights using these case studies for ages 14-16. GeoActive provides 21 articles across 3 issues each year, in a downloadable, easy-to-share format.

Each GeoActive issue includes:

  • topic synopses with learning outcomes to help set the scene and engage students who might otherwise find an article daunting
  • a bank of activities to help students to apply their learning
  • links to your specification, including AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC, CCEA, and IGCSE
  • a “checkpoint” feature to assist focused note-making
  • key vocabulary lists to strengthen understanding of geographical terminology
  • teacher notes and answers to the activities
  • unlimited access at home or school via the Kerboodle platform.

Your licence also includes access to the extensive archive of past GeoActive case studies, which offers an unrivalled breadth of geographical topics and events.

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Series contains:

  • 1 annual licence
  • 3 new issues per year
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List of case studies for 2014/15

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