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Secondary maths KS3 FWM

Framework Maths

The KS3 course that actively encourages upward progression for ALL your students.

Framework Maths stimulates achievement at every level, with five different ability tiers targeting levels from as low as P6 right up to Level 8.

Available while stocks last.

  • The five ability tiers focus learning to help all your students achieve their best possible results
  • Basics is the very lowest level tier, going right down to sub-NC P suggested levels.
  • Extension is the highest level tier, stretching high-ability students to achieve level 7 or 8 by the end of Y9.
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Series contains:

  • 12 Student Books
  • 12 Teacher Books
  • 3 Workbooks
  • 9 Homework Books
  • 3 Answer Books
  • 3 Basics Packs
  • 3 Coursemaster CD-ROMs
  • 2 Consolidation Packs
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Framework Maths