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Équipe Original Edition

Our tried and trusted 11-16 French course

Équipe has long been a favourite with students and teachers. The systematic and coherent approach to grammar, clear objectives, and differentiation are the ideal introduction to language-learning and ensure that your students are able to understand and use the language correctly.

  • An all-inclusive course with everything you need to teach varied and successful lessons
  • Packed with exciting features, an on-going storyline based around four French teenagers, songs and animations that students love
  • Helps your students to get to grips with French and become confident in using the language accurately
  • Includes full support to save you time and help you get the most out of the course


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Series contains:

  • 4 Student Books
  • 8 Workbooks
  • 1 Teacher Guide
  • 1 Audio CD Pack
  • 1 Standard Repromasters
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Équipe Original Edition