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Équipe dynamique

Deliver personalised GCSE French

This course follows a storyline about a group of French teenagers with more mature material. Tailor your lessons and ensure exam success for your class with Équipe dynamique.

  • Two parallel courses (Higher and Foundation) and fully differentiated materials
  • Storyline revolving around a group of French teenagers pupils can relate to, motivating your students
  • Dedicated grammar sections in the Students' Books and exam hints and
    tips in the En solo Self-Study Packs, ensures exam success
  • Dynamique Action interactive CD-ROM provides full ICT support


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Series contains:

  • 2 Student Books
  • 2 Workbooks
  • 1 En solo Self-Study Pack
  • 2 Teacher Guides
  • 1 CD-ROM
  • 2 Audio CD Packs
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  • Équipe dynamique

    "Providing two differentiated books for foundation and higher level, Équipe Dynamique meets the needs for a differentiated GCSE course. With a visually very appealing content, well-used humour and frequent colourful visuals, the book has a cheery and relevant appeal to teenagers.”

    Wendy Adeniji, TES reviewer

Équipe dynamique