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Edexcel GCSE PE

Edexcel GCSE Physical Education

Expertly matched to the 2016 specification

Written by a team of experienced and practicing teachers, including Maarit Edy and Matthew Hunter.

  • Expert support on how to teach theory through practical activities
  • Presented visually to ensure the content is accessible to all
  • The Edexcel GCSE Physical Education Student Book has been endorsed by Edexcel for use with their 2016 GCSE PE specification
  • The Edexcel GCSE Physical Education Evaluation Pack (978 019 837523 4) will be available for Spring 2016 - email to pre-order your pack
  • Towards the end of last year, Edexcel made some small changes to their 2016 specification. We've been busy updating our resources to reflect these changes, please see below.
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  • "I knew I wanted this Student Book as soon as I saw it. The layout is great and I love the big photographs of real sports people. The Workbook and Worksheet Resource Pack is very useful too, because the worksheets are the sort of thing I would create myself and so it saves me loads of time."

    Laura Boon, Head of PE, St Peter's Catholic School, Guildford

Edexcel GCSE Physical Education
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